Parent Connections
Supporting parents of children with Sensory Processing Disorder, throughout the Central New York Region

CNY SPD Parent Connections

Anticipated monthly meeting schedule:

Every 3rd Thursday of the Month

Beacon Baptist Church
4800 Rt 31
Clay, NY
CNY SPD Parent Connections was established by Caryn Daher in 2009.  Caryn hoped to reach out to other parents of children with sensory challenges, providing the needed support that was lacking in our community at the time.  Since then, SPD Parent Connections has grown tremendously.
Our group has monthly support group meetings with open discussions and guest speakers.  In addition, we have become a known advocate in the area for sensory friendly activities and events.  CNY SPD Parent connections provides compassionate support to parents and families whose children are impacted by sensory processing difficulties, regardless of their specific diagnosis.  Helping families attend local activities in a safe and understanding sensory environment is an important part of this support.
Furthermore, our Facebook page has become a necessary resource for parents and their families.  There, you can find the most up to do date research, suggested strategies for children with SPD, notices of meetings and events, and much more.  The parents and professionals who are part of this group are dedicated to raising awareness and promoting advocacy for the recognition of SPD in our area and beyond.  Facebook has become an essential tool in that mission.
Please feel free to contact our current group host, Jeanine Werth, with any of your questions at  If you are caring for a child who has sensory processing challenges, we ecourage you to take the first step and join our Facebook page.  You may find it comforting to know that our page is considered closed to due the sensitive and personal material that is often posted.